Steel at its best. Customers at our center.

Mabani Steel offers a complete steel construction solution ranging from Design to on-site erection along with maintenance and after-sales services all under one roof. We are most proud of our track record of satisfied customers. We have had the privilege of supplying steel to more than 3000 projects. Steel is our passion and customer success is our breadwinner.

Mabani Steel LLC has grown to become one of the major suppliers of Structural Steel Buildings. We are designer, fabricator, erector and supplier of Steel Buildings Structures.

Our strategic locations enable us to serve 70 countries in the Arabian Gulf, Africa, South Asia and the Far East. Visit an office near you:

Offices in UAE

Ras Al Khaimah, HQ

Abu Dhabi


Offices in Saudi Arabia


Al Khobar

Office in Bahrain


The facilities have the capacity to manufacture

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEBs)

Hot Rolled Steel Structures

Structural Steel Products

Building Accessories and supply

Performance Matrix

The Team Mabani is committed to provide fastest response to Requests for Quotes (RFQs), fastest delivery, attention to details and unmatched customer services during all phases of interaction with the customers.

Mabani Steel invites you to take advantage of the above and involve the Mabani team right from the concept stage so that each project is conceived and realized in such a way that it provides maximum return to the investment while keeping all the possible economies at work. Each project of Mabani is treated as a unique opportunity to create value for the customer and the company.


Mabani sees steel all around us. It is everywhere and serves as a backbone of any structure. We understood that long before anyone else did. That is why we invest in our people, our manufacturing plants, our tools to meet our vision of surpassing any demand and implement steel projects no one else can.


Mabani Steel’s mission is to become the preferred choice for all decision makers in the Building Construction Industry within our Geographical Markets.