Pre-Engineered Steel Building Steel Structures (PEBSS)

The PEB Steel Structure of a Pre-Engineered Steel Building generally accounts for over 80% of the weight of the Pre-Engineered Steel Building. This 80% is an average and may change plus or minus 10% depending on the presence of mezzanines, crane runway beams, type of Panels used and the amount of building accessories that are included in a building. The unit of measure for PEB Steel Structures is metric ton (MT). As a general average, one square meter (1 m²) of PEB Steel Structure weighs 25 kg. Thus one MT of PEB Steel Structure = 40 (1000/25) m² of building foot print. The PEB Steel Structure is made up of frames, secondary members and steel standard buyouts.

Frames in the PEB industry often refer to primary built-up & hot rolled members. Constant depth or tapered depth built-up members generally account for over 90% of the weight of frames while hot rolled members generally account for the remaining 10%.

Secondary Members in the PEB industry refer mostly to longitudinal roof and wall members that are roll formed from galvanized coils or press broken from narrow galvanized sheets. The raw material of these members is stocked in five thickness: 1.5, 1.75, 2.2, 2.25 and 2.5mm.

The following building components are considered secondary members:

  • Z" sections acting as longitudinal roof purlins and longitudinal wall girts that connect to columns & rafters and support exterior roof and wall panels.
  • Eave struts located at the building eaves (corner of roof and wall sheeting along sidewalls also providing bracing for frames and supporting roof and wall panels.
  • "C" sections used primarily in framed openings and as a transition member between partial block walls and wall panels.
  • Mezzanine Deck (0.7mm thick) used to support concrete slabs in second level flooring.
  • Base angles, gable angles, and mezzanine edge angles.
  • Valley gutters (0.9mm thick) in Multi Gable Buildings.
  • Steel Standard Buyouts (SBO): These are items that are required in almost every PEB Steel Structure. They are manufactured by others and stocked by the PEB manufacturer. They include Anchor Bolts, Connection Bolts, Sag Rods and Cable Bracing Components.